Gig Buddies Success Stories

Find out about how we are rocking it with our Gig Buddies...
Two Gig Buddies using laptop and DJ equipment

Chris and Jay – getting ‘The Spaceship’ ready for launch

Chris and Jay love of DJing has led to a great friendship

Roger and Tash Sports Buddies

Running, out of lockdown. How Roger and Tash and Tash used their love of running to get fitter and healthier after the lockdown and helped them to build a great friendship.

Small steps can make massive changes

Stories about how small steps have made huge changes for Gig Buddies' lives

Daniel – getting his confidence back

How Daniel started to get his confidence back after lockdown

Daniel and Angie – on one year of gig buddying

Being a Gig Buddy, has given me new confidence, new friendship in a widening pool of diverse wonderful, kind interesting people I would never have found otherwise and a new sense of freedom to have fun. Daniel says "having a Gig Buddy makes him smile"  We are both looking forward to our second year

Gig buddies Tim and Robert matched for 4 years!

Tim: "It's an honour to support and learn from my gig buddy Robert. To anyone thinking of being a volunteer - it's a life changer! You will get a great insight into a whole new world, meet amazing people and bring a bit of happiness and joy to the person you are matched with. I love it!”

3 years of volunteering

Graham Sutton tells us 'My three years as a Gig Buddy have taken me to places I’d never even imagined going to and allowed me to meet lots of really nice people who know how to enjoy themselves. If you’re thinking of volunteering then all I can say is 'just do it!'

Gig Buddies at Glastonbury 2013

Our trip to Glastonbury 2013

Gig Buddies Christian and Jo tell their story

Two Gig Buddies tell their story - how a shared love of Kylie has led to a wonderful friendship