If you have a learning disability, or an autistic person, live in Sussex and want a volunteer gig buddy please complete our application form.

If you have a question please get in touch with one of our staff team.

If you would like a Sports Buddy volunteer, or would like to find out more, please contact Monica on 07929 751813 or monica@stayuplate.org

If you live in Brighton and Hove and would like a gig buddy volunteer please contact Annie – 07971 760149 or annie@stayuplate.org  

If you live in West Sussex and want a gig buddy please contact Malcolm on 07514 622204 or malcolm@stayuplate.org 

If you live in East Sussex and want a gig buddy please call Jess on 07827 228171 or jess@stayuplate.org 

Please be aware we have a waiting list in East and West Sussex so it will take longer to find you a volunteer but you are welcome to apply and come along to our socials every month in different towns. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

If you don’t live in Sussex but are looking for a buddy please see our page ‘Gig Buddies in other places’ to see if there is a project near you.
If you would prefer to complete an easier to read version of the application form you can download it here.
Please also complete our ‘Equal Opportunities form’ and send this to us.
If you don’t want a one to one buddy but would like to just come to our socials please get in touch with our staff team and we’ll give you a call.

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Gig Buddies Volunteers

We are always looking for more volunteers. If you would like to support someone with a learning disability to enjoy social events

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