Daniel – getting his confidence back

Daneil loves having his Gig Buddy volunteer Darren, they used to get up to all sorts of fun together and particularly enjoyed folk rock gigs. Daniel found the lockdowns really difficult though as whilst they stayed in regular contact using Zoom it just wasn’t the same as getting together in real life and having fun together as friends.

When the lockdown restrictions ended Daniel found that he wasn’t confident to do things on his own anymore. He used to be happy to walk up the road, catch trains and buses on his own, now he didn’t feel like doing any of those things on his own.

So Darren started to meet him at his house and walk down the road with him, they’d sit in the park together and have a picnic, then they started to venture further afield; enjoying chips together on the beach, going to the pier and other open spaces where there weren’t crowds of people. Daniel started to feel more comfortable with going out again.

Now Daniel is back to catching the bus and trains on his own and he’s just been to his first gig out again, another folk rock night, and a great one by all accounts. It’s taken time but Daniel has found doing things little by little with his buddy has made all the difference.