Gig Buddies Success Stories

Find out about how we are rocking it with our Gig Buddies...
Gig Buddies at a festival stage all dressed up having a party.

Which party gets our vote?

An update on our summer plans for this year and how to have a really great time at festivals.
Daniel with his band members and gig buddies from around the country showing disability solidarity.

Daniel Wakeford and the Power of Music and Community

A year on and we wanted to look back at the joys of community and the difference a few adjustments can make!
Quality checkers laughing and enjoying themself in the office.

A Day in the Life of a Gig Buddies Coordinator

Find out what our coordinators do with their day to day and how they would support you as part of our project.
Gig buddy Paul at a tribute band.

Lee talks small venues and bands in music accessibility

Gig buddy Lee talks about the importance of small venues and bands in making the music scene more inclusive for everyone.
A group photo of people brightly dressed in rainbows at the Pride parade. They are stood outside in the rain with a banner that says "People with learning disabilties partying with pride".

We are the Wild Rainbows – our LGBTQ+ community

Learn more about our LGBTQ+ advisory group, what we stand for and how to get involved!

What’s a Sports Buddy?

Our Sports Coordinator, Feli, talks about being a Sports Buddy and how great it can be for your health and confidence!

Annie and Lucy – how friendship can change our lives

Annie used to be shy and withdrawn... Our Gig Buddies Coordinator, Sophie, talks about the transformational power of friendship and how Annie's buddy supported her....
A photo of a giant metal ball with motorcycles in it in the middle of a big stage.

Gig Buddies Daniel and Darren’s Trip to the Circus

Daniel recently went to the circus with his buddy. He liked it so much he wanted to write a review! Read on to find out what he enjoyed the most...

Two Success Stories for the Price of One….

Read how one night out can change things for the better with our Gig Buddies project...

The 1975 Very Best Tour Brighton Centre Review by Charlie James Ries-Coward

Charlie and Vince had a wonderful time out at a 1975 gig, here is Charlie's Very Best Tour review!

Breaking out of your comfort zone – visiting venues

Check out how a pair of buddies supported each other to get out of their comfort zones.

Paul and Lee’s Status Quo Review

The first Gig Buddies meeting they had, Lee surpassed all Paul's expectations when he got them tickets to see Status Quo there and then! A few weeks later and they were ready to enjoy their first gig together. It looks like they had a great time and they even wrote a review!