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The pandemic has seen more and more people with learning disabilities wanting to find a Gig Buddy so they can get back out in to community life in a safe way.

Your donation will help us support more people to get matched up.

Get involved

Do you have time to share your passions and interests with someone with a learning disability?

Then sign up as a volunteer and join in the fun.

Don’t live in Sussex? Have a look at where Gig Buddies is in other areas.

Gig Buddies in other places


Do you want Gig Buddies in your area?

We’re always happy to talk more with organisations and local authorities about how they can set up Gig Buddies in their area.

Drop us a line and we’ll arrange to have a chat with you and explain how it works.

(You can also read more about how we share it here).

Welcome to Gig Buddies

We are NOT about providing free support or replacing statutory services.

It’s about enabling people with learning disabilities to have people in their lives who aren’t paid to be there.

Through matching people up with a volunteer who commits to at least one gig per month we are able to show:

Credits: Hani Fauzia Ramadhani & Nada Ibrahim Saleh

Gig Buddy volunteers make a difference

Through matching people up with a volunteer who commits to at least one gig per month our evaluation shows:

86%said they see their Gig Buddy as their friend
82%said they felt really able to make decisions about what they wanted to do with their buddy
76%said they’re more aware of other ways they can now spend their spare time
79%said they now go out more in the evenings as a result of Gig Buddies (not just with their buddy)
90%said that having a Gig Buddy makes them feel less lonely
78%said they’d made new friends in addition to their Gig Buddy volunteer

Gig Buddies Projects around the UK and Internationally

If you would like to find out about Gig Buddies projects in other parts of the country then please follow these links:

Gig Buddies in a Box

If you want to find out about setting up Gig Buddies in your area then please do get in touch.

We’d love to speak with you more about this and can support you to get things going. There’s more information in this presentation too.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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