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Resources for Gig Buddy volunteers

We want to support you along the way, so below is useful information and some important forms to help you be a Gig Buddy volunteer.

This document should answer all your questions about claiming for expenses as a volunteer.

When you start volunteering we will send you a few of these sheets along with some SAEs to return to us. If you need more forms either click the link above to download one or send us an email or text and we will pop some in the post to you along with some more SAEs. Remember to include the receipts too.

You can download the form as an Excell Spreadsheet here if your prefer that.

You can return these forms by email as well, just take some pictures of your receipts for our records and send to

You may have arranged with your Gig Buddy to drive to events, this document will give you some advice on this.

Every 3 months we will ask you to fill in a record sheet of the events you have been to with your gig buddy, we will email you to remind you. We love to see what you have been up to and your review of the event. It gives us a good insight to your gig buddying and also helps us to recommend events to other gig buddies and check accessibility of venues.


Every 6 months the Gig Buddies team will get in contact with you for a supervision. This is a chance to catch up on what you have been doing with your gig buddy, discuss any concerns or share successes. We want to provide on going support for you as a volunteer so this is really important to us.

Remember to tell us if your change your phone number, address or email address so our records are up to date. This will also ensure you are kept in the loop with gig buddy socials and our newsletter.

This booklet accompanies your training. You may find it useful to refer back to it when you are a gig buddy volunteer.

Venues in Sussex

We ask Gig Buddy volunteers to access a free carer, accompanying person or PA ticket when you go out with your buddy, if the venue offers this service for their disabled customers. We refund your expenses as a volunteer, so this helps us to keep our costs down. The link above will show you how to access free carer tickets for each venue in Sussex, and also how to access guest list tickets as a gig buddy (which are even better, because then your buddy can go for free too!)

We’re always wanting to hear if there’s anything we can do to make the project better so please get in touch to talk about anything you think will help.

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