Daniel and I are coming up to our first year anniversary of knowing each other. We had planned to have a meal in the pub where we first met, but that will have to be on hold for the moment as I write this during lockdown.

It doesn’t feel like we’ve been Gig Buddies for a year, in one way the time has gone past very quickly and in other ways I feel like I have known Daniel for always! After being introduced by the gig buddies coordinator Malcolm, we immediately became friends, I put this down to sharing so many interests. (Well done Gig Buddies – for your matching skills)  theatre, pubs, events, bowling, football and most of 80’s music to name a few. Our aim was to meet once a month but we quickly had so many things we wanted to share that it became 2 or 3 times. Timings are not set in stone, so we go out if there is something we want to do.

The Hawth in Crawley has become a firm favourite. I can thoroughly recommend it. The parking is free and easy, the staff are brilliant and there is not a bad seat in the theatre but Daniel and I have our favourite. U8 & 9  (but ssh don’t tell anyone!) Here you can stand up and dance and not be asked to sit down as there’s no one behind you. With Daniel being over 6ft you can see why this is important.

To name a few shows – we have been to 80’s mania, Bee Gees, Panto, Thriller, and the most fun Tropicana Nights – an 80s disco. The last time we went to this we had trouble walking back to the car as we had danced for 5 non stop hours.



In addition to these evenings, Daniel and I have been to town carnivals, bonfire celebrations, Christmas light spotting and to a Gig Buddies social evening. Here we met two more Gig Buddies and their volunteers. It was great to chat and share experiences & ideas. Since then we have been bowling with them and plan to meet up at some pub gigs.

Whilst all our activities are frozen for the moment, Daniel and I are currently regularly ringing each other. As neither of us are good with technology,  I will be sending him a card or two to keep in touch and plan to send him Where to go in Sussex & beyond guide & flyers so that he can start choosing where we will go next.

This strange era in history has given us time to reflect on the good times we have had and made us realise we should go O.U.T as much as possible once we are allowed.

To anyone thinking about volunteering to be a Gig Buddy – I would say don’t think twice. Being a Gig Buddy, has given me new confidence, new friendship in a widening pool of diverse wonderful, kind interesting people I would never have found otherwise and a new sense of freedom to have fun.      Daniel says “having a Gig Buddy makes him smile”   We are both looking forward to our second year.  After lock down go for locked out?!

If you want to be a gig buddy volunteer sign up here