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15 January 2021

Bollocks to Blue Monday

This is from an article we've just published on our charity's main website. At this difficult time what we don't need is silly gimmicks that [...]
12 January 2021

Socials Socials Socials!

It’s no secret here at Gig Buddies that we’ve been absolutely loving our zoom socials, it is so much fun to hang out with you […]

5 January 2021

Gig Buddies In Lockdown (Again!)

We returned to work in the first week of January 2021 with the news of the new tougher lockdown. While it hasn’t really come as […]

4 January 2021

January 2021 Newsletter

Happy New Year everyone! As we welcome in the new year, the Gig Buddies team have lots of exciting socials planned to keep you entertained. […]

27 November 2020

Being a good buddy – whilst we can’t be ‘gig’ buddies

Where are we? The current reality has turned a lot of life on its head. At Gig Buddies, it felt like we needed to go [...]
26 November 2020

December 2020 newsletter

It might not be the kind of Christmas-time we’re all used to, but here’s our latest news and a lineup of socials to get you […]

22 October 2020

November 2020 Newsletter

Check out our latest newsletter to see what we’re up to this month!

22 October 2020

November 2020 Newsletter

Check out what we’re up to this month in our latest newsletter!

15 October 2020

Meet Annie – our new Gig Buddies Project Assistant

“I’m just really pleased to be part of the team and excited to be part of such an exclusive and inspiring community of people” Annie […]

14 October 2020

Gig Buddies Say No To Discrimination

In recent months we’ve seen lots in the news about the Black Lives Matter movement. We talked about how we felt about this at a […]

30 September 2020

October 2020 Newsletter

Meet our new team members and see what we’ve got lined up for October in this month’s newsletter!

11 September 2020

Socially distanced Gig Buddying – what we’re encouraging

Socially distanced Gig Buddying – what we’re encouraging Please note that this article is for everyone connected with Gig Buddies in Sussex. (Gig Buddies projects [...]