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Chris and Jay – getting ‘The Spaceship’ ready for launch

Sharing a love of DJing

Two Gig Buddies using laptop and DJ equipment

Chris and Jay talk about their friendship

Chris has DJ’d regularly at many club nights for people with learning disabilities since the 90s but said he felt nervous going into regular pubs, bars and clubs in Brighton on his own.

He was introduced to Jay around 4 years ago and they both share a love of DJing but their friendship goes way beyond that and they’ve attended various comedy nights together, watched DJs in bars and lately have been really enjoying the open mic nights at a pub in Hove.

“I wouldn’t go to a pub on my own without someone else who knows what they’re doing” Chris

Chris has also said he’s really enjoyed just having cups of tea at Jay’s house, walking the dog and just hanging out with each other.

“I don’t really see myself as a volunteer, we’re just mates” Jay

Learning how to launch ‘The Spaceship’

Recently Chris has been organising his own DJ nights in the church where our office is. They’ve been lovely with Gig Buddies, Chris’ friends and people from the local community all coming together for a dance.

Due to Chris’ desire to be “the best professional DJ” he’s invested in a new piece of equipment which Jay calls ‘The Spaceship’ due to the number of knobs, controls and flashing lights on it.

It’s a pretty complicated piece of equipment so Jay has been spending time with Chris learning how to use it and helping him sort his computer out. He’s planning to launch ‘The Spaceship’ at our annual general meeting.

Next up they’ll be continuing to go to the open mic nights at their local as it’s a fun and cheap way to spend an evening but they are planning to go and see Fatboy Slim in Brighton next year.

Chris said he’d like a seat which is high up so he can watch what he’s doing. Fatboy Slim is certainly someone who knows a thing or two using all the knobs and controls and flying his own spaceship!