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Sports Buddies launches

Sports Buddies launches

Thank you to everyone who came to the launch of our new Sports Buddies project. Sports Buddies is all about getting active and making new friends while you’re doing it so what better place than Hove seafront right near all the runners, swimmers and dog walkers with our friends at our new office base at the Hove Methodist Community Hub.

The day didn’t start quite how we’d planned with members of the team suddenly having to isolate due to Covid, cars breaking down and problems with the sound system but we don’t let things like that put us off. That’s all part of the ‘Keeping It Punk’ spirit!

We had some great demonstrations by Nam Yang Martial Arts club: kickboxing & lion dancing and the crew from Brighton Table Tennis Club were also there getting everyone to try out their ping pong skills as well as learning football skills from Albion in the Community all whilst serenaded by a soundtrack from the new-look Dustbin Beiber sound system.

We think around 50 people attended and a special thanks to Harry (martial arts displays), Sas (football skills) and Maria (dance moves) for leading the event. (Harry, Sas and Maria are all Gig Buddies but have all these other great skills too).

Here’s a short video we made about it.