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Our Volunteers’ lockdown TOP TIPS!

Top Tips from Our Volunteers during lockdown!

We had a wonderful time with some of our volunteers on Zoom last week, and we want to thank them all so much as what would Gig Buddies be without our Gig Buddies?! Everybody was so great and it was so lovely for us to hear what our volunteers had to say, so we thought we should share their wisdom with you too. There are so many ways to be a great Gig Buddy and they’re different for everyone…

So here we go, here are their top tips on being a great Gig Buddy during these strange times…

A text! It may sound obvious, but sending someone a little text message to say you’ve been thinking about them or saw something that you thought would make them smile. 

  • Bonus points for sending a picture! 

Planned Calls! Organising a weekly or monthly call with your Gig Buddy is a great way to give you both something to look forward to when none of us have anything else to do!

  • Bonus points if you can handle any more video calls!

And if you’re doing lots of these things already then that’s brilliant! Do you want something slightly different to do with your Gig Buddy? Look no further… 

Have you thought about baking? One of our Gig Buddies told us that they’ve been doing some baking and then getting onto Zoom when their cake is done and eating it together! 

Another pair of our longest standing Buddies have been watching their favourite TV programme and then calling each other to discuss what has happened

Missing gigs as much as we are? Lots of our buddies have been trying to get back as close as they can to a gig and getting tickets for online performances which they watch from their separate houses and then like our buddies above, calling and chatting about how great it was afterwards!

 And of course now we are able to do perhaps the most exciting thing yet… Go and have a pint or a meal in the sun at a pub!! So whether you’ve been dreaming about this pint in a pub or coffee and catching up in the garden, we hope this month brings you and your Gig Buddy lots of joy and fun!

If you have any other top tips we would love to see them so send them over to one of the team!