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Jason’s friendship blog – Learning Disability Week 2020

Jason and Victoria

Gig Buddies participant and Stay Up Late quality checker, Jason O’Neill, writes here about his friendship with Victoria for Learning Disability Week 2020

Victoria and I first met at the Gig Buddies 5th Birthday, then about a year later we started hanging out as friends. We drank lots of coffee when hanging out together. We both went bowling and obviously Victoria beat me, but it was so much fun. Another time we went for dinner at Pizza Hut, which was yummy.

Victoria and I love Primark shopping as well, which was very interesting because we both have different tastes in clothing. Victoria and I along with other people from Gig Buddies went to Jaystock camping. That was very entertaining and very enjoyable and fun times.

Mine and Victoria’s friendship is amazing. Our friendship has got a lot stronger each time we have spoken or video-called each other in Lockdown. We have had some interesting and sometimes different chats – some chats we talked a lot. I can safely say that Victoria and I are close friends. We have definitely enjoyed checking in on each other during lockdown. Victoria and I both played the Sims over video-call during lockdown – we both enjoyed that game.

This friendship I have with Victoria is very important to me, because we both have some things in common and I wouldn’t change it. I like it when we make each other laugh, telling our jokes and making each other smile. This is what I call a friendship.


For more information about the Gig Buddies emergency appeal which will help friends stay digitally connected during lockdown visit our appeal page here