Emergency appeal – Covid-19

Help us to get more people with learning disabilities connected online through the lockdown, and beyond.

The Coronavirus crisis has highlighted bigger inequalities for people with learning disabilities who aren’t online.
While many of us are holding Zoom meetings, Facetiming our families, and connecting with our communities online many people with learning disabilities are more cut off from society than ever before.
We’re aiming to change that!
We’ve launched this emergency appeal because we’re concerned that 25% of the people that we work with are also without a connection to the internet.
Without internet, a time like this is a very lonely place to be. Especially if you already know what it feels like to be socially isolated because you rely on a support worker to access the outside world.
That’s why we’re asking for your help to connect our participants who aren’t already online (and want to be) via a smartphone.
Your support will bring a vital social lifeline to people who really need it right now. Your donation will go directly to getting people connected to the internet who are really isolated at the moment and have little contact with the outside world.

Donate £5

postage and delivery of a new smart phone

Your donation will pay for us to be able to send a new smartphone to a person with a learning disability.

Donate £10

enable someone to stay online for a month

Your donation will pay for someone’s internet connection for a month.

Donate £25

Support our online 'coffee mornings'

Your donation will support our online ‘coffee morning’ – one way of connecting social isolated people with learning disabilities.

Donate £50

getting connected with support and training to continue

get someone connected and enabling training and ongoing support to keep them connected.

Donate £100

pays for a new smart phone

Your donation will provide a new smart phone for a person with a learning disability.

Donate £250

enable someone to have a smart phone and internet for 6 months

Your donation enable someone to stay connected for 6 months, learn loads of new skills and make loads of connections.

Thank you!

These are very tricky times and we all need to create as much connection and community as we possibly can to support each other. Being connected is the first step to making this happen. So thank you for your support.