THE 1975 VERY BEST TOUR BRIGHTON CENTRE REVIEW                                                                                  BY CHARLIE JAMES RIES-COWARD

Charlie and Vince

Over the past year, Charlie and Vince have got to know each other by going to gigs and building a friendship as Gig Buddies. One of the great things about having a Gig Buddy is the opportunity to try new things, things you might not have thought of otherwise or would have dismissed right away. Like all friendships, although you will have a lot in common with your buddy (as we pair people based on their interests), there will still be new and exciting things you bring to each other’s lives. For Charlie and Vince, this moment was the 1975 gig at the Brighton Centre. Charlie, a long-time fan of the band, really wanted to go and although Vince (not notoriously a fan of the band) was unsure, he agreed for Charlie. Skip forward to the gig and, in Vince’s own words, “You could say I was out of my comfort zone! But I loved it!”

Life can be monotonous and finding joy in other people’s joy, as well as new interests of your own, is a wonderful aspect of all new friendships, however you met.

Charlie’s review of the 1975 Very Best Tour!

“The 1975 band put on amazing show at Brighton centre, best concert gig I been to this year so far. I really like Matty Healy lead singer of the 1975 performance and how he interacted with all people standing and setting to watch amazing set list.

They started with song ‘Somebody to love’ from new latest album, ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’, which was amazing and then played a few more tunes of that album like ‘Happiness’, ‘Part of the band’ ‘Oh Caroline’, ‘I am in love with you’, ‘All I need to hear’. Then they played a song called ‘Roadkill’ off they ‘Notes on a Condition’ album, which was nice to hear live.

Then second half of gig they played some they best hists including ‘Let me know if too shy’, which one of my favourite 1975 songs and played ‘Chocolate’, ‘The Sound’ and one of oldest hits “Sex”. And ended the set with ‘Give yourself a try’, which the guitar riff very like Joy Division’s ‘Disorder’ song but overall, it one of best gigs I been too.

The 1975 are one of best bands I seen live ever, just amazing the whole way through. Gutted they didn’t play ‘People’ but good night of music overall. If haven’t seen the 1975 live you should, it’s worth it.

I gave this gig 10 out 10 stars ratting.”