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My big football family – by Sas Granville

Sas’s football blog

In this blog Gig Buddies participant Sas Granville tells us all about her love of football and how she has stayed in touch with her gig buddy and the rest of her team during lockdown

I have loved football from being a young teenager. I also used to play for Brighton & Hove Disability team. Then I stopped playing for a while. Then I met my gig buddy who got me playing for her team BLAGSS. I grew confidence as a footballer. I would get the train there and back every Thursday.

My understanding of football is really strong. I also love to chase players down when they have the ball. I also like to score goals. Even when Newbies arrive I will always welcome them to the team. I also like to help out at my football training sessions.

Recently, during lockdown I have missed playing with my team, but we stay in contact. Also, I will be doing an online coaching course and when I have completed it I will get a certificate. But the best bit about playing for BLAGGS is being a big football family where we stick by each other.

My team are just amazing because they always help me out. I just want to say thank you to them all for their support – because without their support I would not be where I am today.

By Sas Granville

BLAGSS is a sports and social group that now has around 450 lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender members from across Brighton and Hove, Sussex and beyond. You can find out more about BLAGSS here