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Gig buddies and Gig Buddies for good mental health talk about getting through lockdown

On the night our friends at  Gig buddies for good mental health are taking over our live music stream on @coronavirusfest live on facebook, we teamed up with them to talk about how different participants are coping as we reach nearly 8 weeks in lockdown to protect ourselves and others from the coronavirus.

Victoria, life in lockdown – How I see it.

The government decided to put everyone in lockdown to keep us all safe. We were told that we had to stay at home but we are still allowed to go to the shops for things we need such as food and hygiene stuff, and you can go for a walk as exercise. But we have to remember this virus is not nice at all and we have to keep safe so the government put this in place. But this won’t be forever.

It been really hard coping with the new adjustment, but with support and family and friends it has really help me stay positive during this time. I do sometimes have good and bad days but I think some of us are getting fed up but we doing everything we can to fight this virus by staying at home. When someone asks me about my mental health I feel it’s okay to say I’d rather not talk about it because it is personal to some of us. But always talk to someone you can trust if you are finding it hard.

What do you do to keep calm?

I keep a list of what keeps me chilled – like playing the sims, listen to uplifting music – Kate (manager at gig buddies) and I have been listening to Mr Brightside by the Killers (coming outta my cage and I’ll be doing just fine!) and Bob Marley (don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing, is gonna be alright!) I have also had some help to start a new routine with Kate, I do 3 positive things a day – one creative thing such as drawing or photography, one for my wellness such as walking my target of 6,000 steps, and start something you haven’t finished like finish the chapter of a book.


How do you keep the mind active and keep negative thoughts out?

Fighting the demons! I think about positive things, think about good moments. Look at pictures that make me smile. And I’ve been making plans for after lockdown so there’s stuff to look forward to. I look forward to seeing friends and family, seeing live music and eating out!


Survival Guide Top Tips that have worked for Jack

During this lockdown I am finding music is needed more than ever. For me to get energised – for me to feel secure – for me to escape – to cheer up my kids and have a dance – each of these has its sound track. Marvin Gaye will forever be my go to in all this – hope power and beauty Marvin has it all. John Coltrane can blow my mind while I crouch at my kids desk trying to get work done and a great compilation of un frilly Gospel called “ the time for peace is now” – makes my heart sore with hope and reminds me this will all pass – because it will.

The tunes have now taken on more power due to this lockdown and that is magic in my mind. Take care and please stay safe!

Jack thunder – Grassroots Suicide Prevention

Survival Guide Top Tips that have worked for ‘The Dude’:

Faith, reading the Bible, listening to Premier Christian Radio.  If you are spiritual access the service via the streaming service. Listening to music and playing my base guitar and cooking. I  like to eat good food,  eating lots of fruit, keeping away from chocolate and lots of sugar, a nice bottle of red wine; treat yourself occasionally to something nice but not too much! And keep in touch with friends and family by phone.

When someone asks how is your mental health how do you answer?

I feel very good at the moment, I can be up and down and changeable. I have suffered from psychosis and am on anti psychotic medication now at the moment.

It is very important to share how you feel, and to look for warning signs, know what they are and then talk to someone before you become depressed. I am able to share when I am not feeling well this is very important to get the right support,  talk to your friends and people you trust –  I  wouldn’t post it on social media as you don’t know who is out there.

Survival Guide Top Tips that have worked for Chloe:

My top tip is listening to music and watching my favourite wrestling videos dvds. It puts me in a gaming universe to distract me until I  get tired. I know that if you spend too much time on this it could work the other way and make you feel worse.

When someone asks how is your mental health how do you answer?

The way I answer is ‘ it’s tough at times’, I don’t always fully tell them in case they think I’m a bit crazy- I don’t always feel I can open as I’m worried about how people see me.

What keeps you chilled when you are feeling anxious?

Always wear my headphones and have a walk and say hi to people behind the counter as it’s socialising. I’ve started planting some stuff on my windowsill. It’s nice to watch as it’s nature.

What are Gig Buddies doing to keep people connected?

We are hosting weekly socials in the evenings and coffee mornings on zoom. Sometimes technology doesn’t go to plan – We try to make sure people are reassured about this! It’s not their fault but can be stressful. People don’t have to use their video if they don’t want to and you can log in on the phone. For those who prefer a one to one chat we are calling them on the phone.

We hope to keep the fun going through this challenging time with mainly music based activities. Gig Buddies for good mental health are taking over our @coronavirusfest live music night on Friday 15th May. We are hosting live music every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 or 9pm. Check out our facebook page for more info.


Final word from the gig buddies crew!

There is no such thing as normal – only what is normal to each person – you should never be ashamed of your mental health. Reach out to professionals who understand your mental health condition if you need to.

Mind,   The Samaritans and the NHS are all there to help.