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Launching our new project Buzz Buddies!

Extratime in partnership with Stay up Late, have launched a new project called Buzz Buddies for 18-25 year olds with learning disabilities who live in West Sussex.

Martina, a student intern from University of Brighton came along to interview participants about their experience and join in the fun. Here she talks about her experience.

The project aims to provide participants with opportunities to socialise and, more importantly, to spend some quality time with their peers because we believe that everyone deserves to have a blast!

Yesterday was our third night out together since we started the project at the end of last year. In December the group went to the pub, and had a Christmas meal out. We all gathered in Worthing and went bowling. It is fair to say that it was a wonderful evening for everyone involved. There were even a few of us who really showed some bowling skills. Yet, the key fact to bear in mind is that it was not just about bowling itself, as we were also chatting and even having some lovely drinks.

Moreover, we were keen on finding out what some of our Buzz Buddies thought about the whole social event.

Andrew clearly commented that “he generally loves evenings like that.” What’s more,” he even enjoys mingling with other people.” He literally said, ” it is all about the people you happen to be with.”

Victoria even shared some of her top dating tips with us and showed pure excitement over the launch of Buzz Buddies.

Finally, Ethan expressed his hope for making new friends regarding the launch of Buzz Buddies. He made a really good point because the whole idea behind Buzz buddies is all about making new friends.

Do not hesitate to come and join us on our Buzz Buddies adventure. Keep in mind that the only thing you really need to do is to enjoy yourself as much as you possibly can, and in return, we can guarantee you that we all will be on the same wavelength.

Call the Stay up Late Office to speak to Kate for more information on 01273 418102. Or you can contact Sam at Extratime 01273 420580.