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Gig Buddies in Strange Times!


Gig Buddies in Strange Times!

‘Stormzy’s Crew’ – The West Sussex Advisory group for Stay Up Late/Gig Buddies

I guess most of us will look back on this time as one of the strangest in our lives. Until recently we were going about our day to day lives. 4 weeks on and everything has changed. Keeping 2 metres apart from everyone, working from home, talking to people on Zoom and Skype etc, rock stars performing for us free of charge from their own homes, neighbours helping each other, clapping for the NHS and key workers every week and, of course, no loo roll in the shops!

As a team we had to rethink the service and our roles within it. As many of you will already know, we are continuing to work on line; contacting people to check they’re ok, running socials via Zoom and google hangouts – I’d never heard of Zoom 4 weeks ago! Meeting up with our advisory groups, sending emails and making calls to our fantastic volunteers, many of whom are also doing their bit to stay in touch with people in these difficult times.

The first ‘online social for West Sussex Gig Buddies

Last week we ran our first online advisory group for West Sussex. Understandably the main focus was how we’re all coping during the ‘lockdown’. We also took a vote on the new name for the group which is now officially………’Stormzy’s Crew’! We also found out that it was quite hard to have a ‘sing-song’ on line, but it didn’t stop us from giving it a good go!

Another idea we’re trying is a “Lockdown” podcast every couple of weeks. We’ve just finished putting together the first one and you can listen to it right here! (click the link at the bottom of this blog). However, if it’s going to work, we really need to hear from you. We all have a story to tell so please let us have yours. All you need to do is record your contribution (into your phone is fine) and then simply send it via text/whatsapp/email to or 07514 622204. If you would like me to contact you to discuss your idea let me know on the same number and I’ll give you a call.

I think one thing has been underlined by the whole coronavirus experience, and that is that we are nothing without community. The task for all of us at the moment is to work hard to keep our gig buddies community together and connected so we’re all here to celebrate and stay up (and out) late together when it’s all over.

Gig Buddies Lockdown Podcast needs YOU!