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Gig Buddies In Lockdown (Again!)

We returned to work in the first week of January 2021 with the news of the new tougher lockdown. While it hasn’t really come as a surprise, I’m sure many of us have a sense of ‘here we go again’! It would be easy to allow the latest news to get us down, particularly when we are all desperate to meet , ‘stay up late and have some fun!!’

As challenging as things are, a couple of things have helped me feel more optimistic. Obviously there are the vaccines that are being offered to the most vulnerable people in society. Another thing is the amazing way our community has responded to challenges we’ve faced so far.

Just before Christmas I received an email from a volunteer describing how she and her gig buddy had dealt with the restrictions so far. It was so inspiring to read so I asked if I could share it. Once you read it I’m sure you’ll agree that, above all else the, Stay Up Late/Gig Buddies message is all about community and connection and with a bit of creativity we can stay connected and build a stronger sense of community. Here’s the email:-

We have had to adapt to the new way of being buddies. Neither of us like techno things so we have found our own way round keeping in touch. We ring each other more frequently, just for a short catch up chat. We have found fun in ringing each other up, agreeing on a tv programme to watch (usually Mid Summer Murders or Top of the Pops), watching it and then ringing again to discuss the programme. We have even spoken in the ad break if we don’t understand the plot. We had a hilarious conversation once where we were both watching M S Murders but a different episode!!

 In addition to this we are fortunate that we live in the same town, so before the latest restrictions came in we had been socially distancing meeting up in the park for chat, walk and winter picnics. With the onset of house Christmas lights being put up we have a new project which is to meet up and walk to view the lights, giving them a score out of 10. 

 I have also driven past his flat for a wave drive past as we call it and sent him postcards and cards to say Hi. We both look forward to when we can go out out together again and meet up with other gigbuddies.“

Thanks to Angee and Daniel for allowing me to share this. And thanks to all our amazing volunteers for the incredible contribution you make to our community!!

Happy New Year!