Keeping the gigs going during lockdown

Introducing Coronavirusfest

Gig Buddies is all about supporting people with learning disabilities out of social isolation and in to be active in their communities along with loads of other people enjoying the same thing. This is obviously a big problem during the lockdown!

However, we won’t be stopped from trying to keep the fun coming and so we started Coronavirusfest, an online music festival coming to you from musicians’ front rooms and sheds from across the country. (And further).

How Coronavirusfest works

It all runs through this Facebook Page – Coronavirusfest 

Just visit the page and watch the live stream or catch up on some of the previous acts.

Previous acts on Coronavirusfest

When is it?

We have slots every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm and 9pm.

Sometimes we have extra slots.

How to book a performance slot

We’re always on the lookout for performers and anyone can play.

  1. Find a day that you’d like to play on our online booking site. There are two slots every day – 8pm and 9pm.

We’ll then make you a temporary admin on our Facebook Page and let you take it over for your slot.

  1. Here are our instructions on how to livestream through the page.

Video instructions

A big thank you to Robyn Steward (aka Robyn’s Rocket) who performed on the festival and took the time to make this really helpful video guide for everyone.

Next steps

Tell all your fans and mates about when you’re playing.

Pay it forward and share with other musician friends.

Do feel free to tell your friends.

It’s been a lovely way to spend an evening watching great music and having a ‘virtual chat’ with everyone commenting on the acts as they perform.

For more info

Just drop us a line – email us at