It’s no secret here at Gig Buddies that we’ve been absolutely loving our zoom socials, it is so much fun to hang out with you guys and all have a dance, sing, draw, sit and watch a film or anything else we can possibly think of! And so, I just wanted to fill you in on what’s coming up this month, because they’re all going to be wonderfully great fun!

Next up on the 13th we have… JESS’S DISCO! Now I have LOVED these socials so much, for all of the above reasons, but one secret you don’t know is that it’s actually something my friends all laugh about… I absolutely love to be in control of the music and have the power over what’s coming up next! So, these socials are a total dream for me in that way too!

After this we have the wonderful ARTY ANNIE! Now you have the chance to be taught, practise and just have some fun working on your art in whatever way you like with the very talented Annie! This is coming soon on the 20th and these socials are known to be absolutely great fun so make sure you get signed up as soon as you can!

Last but not least on our upcoming socials, we have the king of both KNOWLEDGE and FUN at the same time… DARREN!! His quiz night is coming up on the 27th! Come and test your knowledge and have a big old laugh, I promise you it’ll be utterly great so I look forward to seeing you there!

So, I hope you are excited for what we’ve got to come for you in January! But now we need to ask you… have YOU got any ideas for socials? Is there anything you can think of that you’d like us to do over Zoom? Perhaps you have a special love for a subject you think other people would like to know about, or want to listen to your favourite type of music all night, if you do then please let us know! We are open to any suggestions at all and are really excited to see what you super fun and creative bunch can come up with!


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