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Storm and Thunder minutes March 2018

Here are the Storm and Thunder Meeting Notes from our Meeting on:Wednesday 28th March 2018


Who was here:

Bernie, David Briggs, Kate, Holly, Chris Love, Victoria, Chris Rider

Who couldn’t make it:

Claire, Jamie, Luc, Rami, Daniel, Harri


News From The Team

Bernie: Has been invited to his sister’s wedding.

Chris Love: Has been to great events with Heart Venture and Blue Camel Club. His has a new job starting soon at Grace Eyre.

David Briggs: Is slimmer of the month and the week!

Chris Rider: Saw Ray Morris at Concorde with matt.

Victoria: Her sister is having a baby boy! Her brother is getting married next year!

Kate: Put up a garden fence!

Our great Support movement jar (of coffee pot!)

We were sent a Jar of motivation kit from The gr8 Support Movement. It includes bits of paper with ideas to try something new so we can change up the things we do each week. This includes..

  • Invite friends round for a movie
  • Fly a kite
  • Try a new fruit or vegetable

Each Storm and Thunder meeting we will pick one out and we have to do it by the next meeting!

Volunteer award nominations

 We asked our gig buddies to nominate their volunteer for our new volunteer award called Simon Barker Brilliant buddy Award.

We had so many nominations and really struggled to find a winner.

We chose Stuart McKenzie as our Brilliant Buddy and Karen Amsden as our staff choice winner for running in 2 marathons for us.

We also shortlisted some brilliant volunteers who got a special mention

  • James Church
  • Lavina Appasamy
  • Sam Earwaker
  • Kate Porter



Songs for the silent disco

On April 3rd we will need a silent disco playlist for our gig buddies 5th birthday party. Holly and Kate will DJ against each other and need songs for their set.

We decided on….

  • Spice girls
  • S club 7
  • Boyzone
  • Take That
  • Kings of Leon
  • The Killers
  • Dr Dre
  • Eminem and loads more!

Latest TV will also be filming.


Date Of Next Meeting

 Wednesday 25th April 2018

2:00pm until 4:00pm

At The Stay Up Late Office