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Quality Checker needed – come and work for us

Be a Quality Checker for Stay Up Late

We’re really excited to announce that thanks to some funding from West Sussex County Council we’re recruiting for an apprentice quality checker. Their job will be to help us make sure our Gig Buddies project is doing a good job for everyone involved.

To qualify for this job you need to have a learning disability and/or autism and live in West Sussex.

We are particularly seeking to employ someone who has not worked with us before to provide more opportunities for people with learning disabilities.

Hours: 8 hours per week (1 hour of this is a break).

Wage: £8.25 per hour.

Contract: The initial contract will last for 6 months and we will aim to renew it after that if we can.

Deadline for applications: Friday 1st July ’16 (11pm – so you can Stay Up Late if you want to!)

What the job will involve

These are the things that you will do as part of the job


Feeding back to the Gig Buddies project coordinators about your experience of the project and how we can improve it.

Quality checking

Talking to gig buddies about whether they are happy with their volunteer, and what the volunteer could do to improve.


Interviewing gig buddies about how they find the project. You will also interview support providers for the Stay Up Late campaign.

You will also help to lead and organise a team of volunteer researchers who will be doing a similar role as volunteers.


Training new volunteers.

Volunteer recruitment

Interviewing some new volunteers to see if they would be suitable buddies.

Social media

You will help to manage our Twitter and Facebook.


You will be going to events to talk to people about the gig buddies project.

Admin and office work

Occasionally the job will involve some office work. For this you will send letters to people, stuff envelopes, post letters etc and help to keep our address lists up to date.

These are the skills and qualities that you will need

Good listener

You will need to be able to listen to what people are saying and help people to get their point across.

Good communicator

You will be able to communicate with different people: You need to be able to listen and communicate with people who have different support needs.

Good at interviewing

You need to be able to ask questions and find out things about people.

Computer skills

You will need to have basic skills with using the internet and social media (eg Facebook and Twitter) or be willing to learn.

Able to speak up for people

You will be committed to helping people with learning disabilities live the lives they want to: You need to be able to value people and committed to helping people to have their voices heard.


You need to be able to thoughtful and think about your experiences and other people’s experiences, and think about how they can be used to make support and projects better.


You will need to be able to travel to the office independently, or arrange your own support to do this. We will be able to provide some initial travel training though to help you with this.

How to apply

If you are interested in working for us as a quality checker, please fill out the application form below and send it back to us.

Download as a PDF

Here’s an easier to read version of the job and person description too.

Download as a PDF


Or post to: Stay Up Late, 9 Russell Place, Brighton BN1 2RG

We look forward to hearing from you.