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Gig Buddies infographic

Check out the new Gig Buddies infographic

We decided to produce this Gig Buddies infographic because we often get asked about our waiting lists and who the project is aimed at.

It’s really hard to specifically say how long our waiting list is because it really is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ type questions. There are a number of things we have to balance including things like:

  • Where someone lives.
  • Are they able to travel independently to the town they want to go to gigs in?
  • The sort of music they want to go and see.
  • Whether they have other quite specific interests and tastes.
  • If they have a preference around the sex and sexuality of their volunteer.

We do our level best to try and match everyone up but we’d be lying if we said we’d find a match for everyone. Sometimes it just comes down to luck and whether there’s a volunteer available in that area.

We have also started successfully running more social meet-ups which we invite people on the waiting list along to so they can still feel connected to our work and get to know us.

You’ll see from the map on the infographic that you are more likely to find a quicker match if you live in Brighton and Hove than most other places, and that’s because we’re currently finding it much easier to recruit volunteers there.

We’re also working on trying to find better ways to attract volunteers in other places and will be running a focus group in Eastbourne next month with a group of volunteers to try and work out how best to do this. If you have any suggestions please do let us know.

Check out the Gig Buddies infographic here

If in doubt – give us a shout

If you’re not sure whether Gig Buddies is for you drop us a line, or give us a phone call to chat it through.

For the full list of FAQs about Gig Buddies click here.