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Coronavirusfest – Gig Buddies going online

Coronavirusfest – Gig Buddies going online

At our team meeting yesterday we had a long chat about what we could do to carry on the mission of the Gig Buddies project without actual human interaction in busy places where loads of other humans congregate. The whole point of the whole project!

We talked about all the things we could still do that would help connect people and support them to not feel alone in all this, even when socially isolated.

One of the ideas that came up was a ‘Gig Buddies Live Lounge’ – a performance space on our Facebook page where we’d invite solo artists to do a set.

Then we got thinking – let’s try and open  it up to everyone so today we launched the idea of Coronavirusfest – a free online music festival. And to make it sustainable we will let it curate itself.

How to book a performance slot

Find a day that you’d like to play on the online booking site.

There are two slots every day – 8pm and 9pm (at the moment).

We’ll then make you a temporary admin on our Facebook Page and let you take it over for your slot.

Next steps

Tell all your fans and mates about when you’re playing.

Pay it forward and share with other musician friends.


We’re hoping for a diverse range of musicians and music of any style – so fire away and let’s all keep each other entertained and spread the love.

Other ideas

We’ve got a fair few other ideas for continuing our mission in such trying times but more of that later. To start with let’s get this festival open!